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Q: What are you up to, Jenni??
I am in the process of completing two back-to-back novels that directly follow on from my novelisation of Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness (the original story was always intended to be a trilogy). The first book, titled Tomb Raider: Path of the Black Alchemist, will be released in summer 2023.

Q: Are these books an official sequel to AoD?
No. These are fanfiction and are not officially recognised as canon by Embracer Group AB or Crystal Dynamics. However, the original writer for Angel of Darkness, Murti Schofield, has acknowledged that they are as close to a canon sequel as fans are likely to get.

Q: Will they be free to download?
Yes. Like my other stories and the novelisation of AoD, these sequel novels will be completely free and available as digital downloads from my website, as both .pdf and .mobi formats for e-readers.

Q: Do these stories include any beta/unreleased material that was originally intended for the “official” sequel before Core Design was shut down?
These stories will be a hybrid of both my own ideas and elements by Murti Schofield. However, nothing will be an exact transcript of what the Core Design team originally intended to include in the sequels: there should be plenty of surprises even for hardened AoD aficionados!

Q: How come it’s taken so long to write these books?
This is my third attempt to write a sequel since my AoD novelisation was published in 2012. The previous two attempts were both group projects and were intended to accompany fan-made TRLE games. However, neither project came to fruition, their stories had to be shelved, and I began again from scratch in late 2018. Third time’s the charm…

Q: What's with the Appendices?
The novels will be accompanied by a wide range of bonus materials that will be freely available on this website in the Appendices section upon their release. Check back for more goodies closer to release! The Appendices can be read in any order. However, they will by necessity be full of spoilers. You have been warned!

Q: Are you planning an audiobook adapation of these stories?
Honestly, I'm too focused on finishing the writing to think that far ahead! Ask me again when the books are published...

Q: What will be the age rating for these stories?
Like AoD, these stories will be aimed at a YA/mature audience. They contain mild profanity, depictions of violence and injury detail, and mild sex/nudity references.
Copyright (c) 2016 - 2023  J. R. Milward.  Lara Croft and Tomb Raider are the property of Embracer Group AB and Crystal Dynamics (formally Core Design, Eidos Interactive, and Square Enix). No copyright infringement is intended with these works, as they are all non-sanctioned, unofficial, and entirely non-profit works of the author's own.

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